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I have something to f*cking say!

How many times have you said that, but no one listens? Are they purposely ignoring you? Are they too focused on what they are engaged in? Are you not loud enough? Well, anyone that knows me knows that volume is not my problem, lol.

I recently had the opportunity to meet this amazing, powerful Boriqua Guerrera through a mutual friend we have; the incredible Samí Haiman-Marrero. Do you remember that Game of Thrones episode where Robert Baratheon is dying and says, "Robert of the house Baratheon, titles titles titles..." Well, that's how it is trying to list the many titles that this chingona carries.

Last month, she invited me to be a guest on her podcast, and it was (as Cardi says) Litty Like a F*cking know the rest. She gave me the space to speak my truth and share my work. This was the first time that I have publicly talked about what brought me to Florida from Texas. It was important for me to talk about that because I want others that may be going through a similar situation to understand that the loss of one thing doesn't mean the end for another.

I genuinely believe that there is life after the death of a relationship. It's difficult letting go...and sometimes it feels like letting go will almost kills you; but there's life on the other side. I had a difficult time processing the finality of an 11-year relationship. And, I lost immensely. But, all that I lost when I left Texas, I have gained x2!

So, here it is. Please listen to it, drop some feedback, and SHARE!

Podcast here:

Videocast here:

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