What Does it Mean When the Military Fires You?

On February 23, it was reported that Major General Scott Efflandt (U.S. Army) had received a new assignment after the Army "FIRED" him as the deputy commander of Fort Hood, Texas. Yes, the same Fort Hood where Vanessa Guillén was murdered.

Dalina in her viral tiktok video (TikTok)

What's disturbing is this comes on the heels of the video released by a young Marine Whistleblower. In Dalina's case, her Commanding General went against all recommendations made by a board to discharge her perpetrator. The II MEF Commanding General decided that he would retain Dalina's abuser to continue his service in the Marines like nothing ever happened. Now, in Guillén's case, Efflandt was relieved of duty only to be reassigned to another position. So the patter here is that if you hold a high rank, you can abuse your power to protect criminals, because, let's get real, that's what they are, and for others, they will be given options even though they helped cover-up the murder of a soldier on their base.

Malarkey! To clarify, when the military says it's going to fire somebody, it doesn't mean that the service member will get kicked out of the military. All it is is LIPSERVICE from individuals who plan to do absolutely nothing about the wrongs that the "fired person" committed or was complicit in.

A person that was somehow complicit in the murder of a soldier should not receive a reassignment but instead placed in the brig (military jail) for the complicity. And to add more sugar on sh*t, Former Army Under Secretary James McPherson mentioned last year that Efflandt was "eligible for retirement." Why would a person that was complicit in the cover-up of a soldier's murder even be considered for retirement? The game is pretty much "it's who you know" that saves these arrogant, privileged, self-serving people.

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There are so many cases where soldiers, sailors, marines, and airmen/women are forced to continue to serve with their abusers, and some cases even work alongside them. Service members that report almost always face retaliation from their command and peers. In Asia Graham's case, she reported her assault, faced retaliation, asked for help, and was later found dead in the room on Fort Bliss. Karina López is another soldier from Fort Hood that was sexually assaulted in her room by another soldier. When the command retaliated against her and ignored her case, she decided to file a whistleblower complaint with the Army. López is the creator of the #IAmVanessaGuillen hashtag.

And what about Thae Ohu? She is the Marine that survived a sexual assault and is being viciously criminalized and unjustly imprisoned by the Marine Corps. Thae Ohu is being held in a military jail, left to deteriorate and without proper mental health services. And she's not the only sexual assault victim that is being held in a Military prison. Celeste Largo is a Marine that reported that she was sexually assaulted by someone in her chain-of-command and is imprisoned in a military jail in Jacksonville, Florida

In my case, when I reported what happened to me while at Sergeants Course, I was questioned by numerous people, forced to relive what a Marine junior to me had tried to do, and all this ended with the Sergeant Major of the schoolhouse asking me, "WHY YOU?" If that wasn't bad enough, I had to tell the SNCO from my home unit about what happened to me when he, himself, was sexually harassing me. To this day, I don't know what happened to the f*cker that tried to force himself into my room. There are so many cases like this that have resulted in retraumatization and sometimes in the victim's death.

If by now, those Americans don't see the corruption within our military, don't see it because they refuse to accept that the military is so f*cked up.

We must demand and push for accountability from Congress. How many times do I have to say it, WHERE THE F*CK IS CONGRESS in all this? Why do we elect them if they're not going to call out the injustices happing to our troops. Why do they claim to represent us when all they do is use us as props in their political games?

So here's what I ask from all my readers:

  1. Email your legislators and ask them why military members that were complicit in the cover-up of a murdered soldier are being allowed to continue to serve in the military. Also, what are they doing to exterminate the systemic rape culture from these institutions?

  2. Share all posts relating to Military Sex Crimes and use the hashtag #NoJusticeNoEnlistments

  3. Get involved with organizations like Vets for the People, Not in my Marine Corps, and Not Your Reality.

  4. Register to vote and make a plan to vote.

  5. Donate and support candidates like Brittany Ramos DeBarros, that are standing against these atrocities.

Enough is enough! We can't allow the military to continue to get away with protecting abusers, corrupt leaders, and morally bankrupt decision-makers. Who's with me?

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